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Apr. 10th, 2010

hoo haah~! <3

bwahahahahaha, I have LJ access at my work place! best thing ever to sustain me through the graveyard shift! *jumps up and down*

ok got to go.. my trainer's nearby.. kekeke.. *poof* XD

Mar. 8th, 2010

*insert another angry emoticon here*

Is pissed. Will now go to bed. Ciao
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Jan. 29th, 2010

Habitually reading the same old new...

Reading before you go to sleep is something that I've done habitually in the past.
I'm still doing it now but not as every night as I used to...somehow, the tons of books and hand-outs to read has destroyed my habit of reading and not to mention the evil that is the internet which really takes my time every wee hours of the morning.

I know I should fix this habit of mine and somehow get back to the old routine... if only I can manage to let internet for a while and really focus... and God help me I really need that right now.
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Jan. 21st, 2010


Will. Sleep. Now.

Effing tired.

Jan. 19th, 2010


So yeah, earlier this afternoon me and my friend mayuuu decided to make this fanvid of us singing SHINee's Please, Don't Go...I really did my best to sing Jonghyun's parts without effing straining my voice but still....XD

I hope we did the song justice and I must say that I really like how it turned out (even if its low quality).  We did this for about 3-4 hours including the recording, making the vid and uploading the video on YouTube.  T'was a very good experience, considering we have to do a lot of other school related things...but instead...yeah...you get the picture...XDDDD

Hope people will appreciate this and even enjoy it.  Comments are very much loved! (Just don't bash please~ :D)

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